Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Highlights from Release Day

Yesterday was release day for The Year of the Storm.  It was also a day full of links and excitement surrounding the book.  Here are the highlights:

Interview at Litreactor
-This is my favorite because I really respect Keith Rawson as a reviewer and this is what he says about The Year of the Storm in his introduction:

Debut novels are a dime a dozen; I hate to say it, but it’s a cold hard fact. With the sheer number of books being produced by the big 5, small presses, micro presses, and no presses on a daily basis, it’s near impossible for a first time storyteller to gain any sort of attention for a project they’ve slaved over their entire lives, which is a shame. But it is what it is, and I’m more than guilty of passing over a debut author because one of my standard bearers has a new novel coming out the same day.

But there are debuts which immediately grab my attention and demand to be read, and The Year of the Stormby John Mantooth is the very definition of “attention grabber.” It is a flat out page turner. It is a rare thriller which combines elements of rural noir, supernatural horror, and is an intense dual coming of age story that is as spellbinding as anything from horror masters such as Stephen King and Laird Barron.

The Year of the Storm is without question my debut novel of 2013, and one which I hope you’ll be willing to take a chance on.

Guest blog at SFsignal

Interview at My Bookish Ways

Interview at The Qwillery

And at my buddy Kurt's blog

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